Water: “I’m something they take for granted”

That’s what Penélope Cruz, playing one of our most precious elements: water. Water is everywhere, maybe that’s why we take it for granted. Or maybe it’s because we’re part of a generation that learnt that water was an inexhaustible resource. It was. Not any more.

We’re supposed to know by now that we can use it all up, which means we can finish with life. Is it possible that a notion that was implanted in us very early in our lives, is tattooed in our subconscious? That would explain why our action keep threatening this indispensable resource, why we keep taking it for granted. 

There are those who are certain that a third world war would be provoked by tensions over access to fresh water. Because even if nearly 70% of our planet is water, only 1% is available for us to drink. 

Pipelines in our cities and homes are filled with leaks, we overuse water in  productive activities, we continue to cut forests, strengthen intensive crops, expand cities without analysing  its environmental impacts. That is, even if we know that water is such a fragile resource, that we depend completely on it and that we could even unleash a world war because of its scarcity, we keep operating in the same way. 

That negative, frightening feeling that we get when we read it, could freeze us. But we cannot allow it. We no longer have the luxury of looking the other way. We have no  excuse. 

These are some of the things that we must do. Do them, and tell everyone you know.

bullet  Change your  home’s faucets and showers for low-flow ones (this web has some info: http://www.aguasostenible.com/index_web.php?action=1&path=0_3_8)

bullet  Check the pipelines in your house, office, etc. to fix any leaks.

bullet  Reduce the amount of time (and water) you spend in the shower, washing your car, the dishes, cleaning your house, brushing your teeth, etc.

bullet  Make sure you discard cooking oil in proper ways. Don’t let it get to our rivers. 

bullet  Reuse water: what the dog didn’t drink can be used to water the plants. What you leave running while you wait for the shower to get hot es drinkable. 

bullet  Recycle. To produce anything requires water. Buy recycled goods and recycle your trash. 

bullet  Eat less meat. Prefer to eat grass-fed.

bullet  Participate in cleaning expeditions. Especially beaches, rivers, wetlands.

bullet  Impervious surfaces like driveways and patios allow precipitation to flow freely over them. Water flow gains momentum when moving over such surfaces and can then erode stream banks and lakeshores. A good compromise is to use paving stones rather than a concrete slab for your patio to allow the water to percolate down into the soil.


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