Instead of collecting seashells, let’s collect trash

Written by Viviana Araya Gamboa, Costa Rican artist from Pez Cocinado


I LOVE the immense ocean, but mainly I love those little details that inhabit it, why ?? I don’t know, I just know that being there makes me happy. We usually criticize trawlers, fishermen, but the truth is that from home, from where we are, we can also generate a large impact on all of that life, how responsible are we of our trash !!?? Which with the help of the rain, wind and some of our irresponsibilities, we all participate in shutting down the colors and details that live within all that blue.

My mom taught me how to see landscapes as works of art and biologists from my family taught me to care for them and respect them, so I refuse to incorporate waste in our seascapes or to immerse myself in it. I started carrying a bag in my purse and collecting garbage from different landscapes and to use the slogan of ‘waste’ is no waste, it’s a misplaced resource !!!! Most of the things I collect I’ve incorporated in some of my inventions.

Waste is no waste, it’s a misplaced resource


My sister went on a trip in which she did not take me, she sent me a picture of what was collected and this started a chain of photographs. My family and I had the initiative to document the waste that we find in each of our beaches on social media, today several friends have joined us. Ideally, there would be nothing to collect, but given the current reality we prefer to be more responsible through our complaints.

All it takes is to get together and generate good ideas and actions … at the end of the day these are the things that make us happier and they cost nothing.




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