Decisions that Costa Rica must take now

Today is World Environment Day, which was created so we can reflect on actions needed to ensure our planet’s health.

Which is most important is to realize that the environment is not outside of us and we are not independent from it. When we act in favor of the environment we are not doing a favor for an external entity because we have superior ethics. By conserving our planet, we are ensuring our own survival on it. 

70% of our planet is water. It is ocean. To conserve the environment it’s imperative that we take decisive steps towards ocean conservation. Below are some actions that our country must take now, and for most of them we already have all the necessary means:

  1. Ban single-use plastic bags.
  2. Approve the Navigation Law.
  3. To demand VMS (Vessel Monitoring Systems) in all of our long-line and semi industrial fleet. 
  4. To install a radar system in Cocos Island and our Pacific and Caribbean coasts. 
  5. To work more strongly to be carbon neutral by 2020. 
  6. To determine the economical value of the ecosystem services of coral reefs and mangroves and include them in national and municipal management plans.
  7. To control all unloads on quays, beaches, etc. 
  8. To establish traceability systems on national fish catches to guarantee that 100% of it comes from legal, regulated and reported sources.
  9. To approve a decree for the protection of corals. 
  10. To evaluate INCOPESCA and re estructure it in a way that it carries out its functions with efficacy and transparence.

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